Email Marketing

Email marketing is marketing a commercial message using a group of person emails. In the broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or existing customer can be considered email marketing. It usually requires using email to submit ads, request business or request a sale or donation, and is intended to create loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

What AreWe Doing?

Responsive Email Design

We will encode your emails as HTML and CSS using media queries to help you format the best on all devices in every metric.

Automatic Email Marketing

Our marketing automation specialists will save you time, money and admiration while helping you increase your sales and make more leads possible.

Email Authoring

The email write service will allow you to earn greater profits through marketing with the highest ROI.

Fully Managed Email Marketing

Our fully managed service includes the creation of two email campaigns per month, all designed and designed for you professionally.

Campaign Production and Distribution

With behaviorally targeted, triggered communications, we focus on helping you maximize your business's performance.

Email List Cleaning

We are starting to clean up your e-mail box and then wait for new news and excitement.


Creating Bulletin

Design attractive email marketing campaigns with simple drag-and-drop tools. Fast and simple!


Experienced Tests

It allows you to conduct a delivery test to major e-mail service providers with a single click.


Submit Your Promotion

Schedule your campaign or send it immediately. Check our reports and conditions at our delivery.


Promotion Control

You can control everything: open, click, unsubscribe, spam complaints, jumps, link activity, and more.


Our Prioritiesin Email Marketing

Creating Email Content

Design attractive email marketing campaigns with simple drag-and-drop tools. Your design is guaranteed to look spectacular in every device, every device. We provide an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience while creating and sending email campaigns.

Send Your Campaign and Receive Delivery

E-mail campaigns can easily be sent when we are stored on the cloud; this means that you can access it anytime and anywhere using your desktop, tablet or iPhone. Schedule your campaign or send it immediately. Check our reports and conditions immediately with our delivery. Since we have feedback cycles with all major Internet service providers, high delivery rates are guaranteed.

A/B Split Tests

Better understanding subscriber preferences helps you get an idea of the success of the campaign and keep track of the campaigns over time. The best practices for your unique asset will refine your variables and segmentation, which are open and determine conversion rates. Test your subject line between name, email content, BTA and sending day / time.

Track Campaigns and Reports

With email marketing software, it’s easier to keep track of your email marketing campaign performance. You can easily have information about how many recipients open your e-mail, how many e-mails are to be returned, how to get out of rates and click on statistics. It offers a variety of ways to analyze and interpret your schedules and statements to help you develop your campaigns.


Our Clients

Mail Sending

Designed Templates

What DidOur Customers Say?

Not only do we offer SEO and Internet marketing services, we also offer a wide range of services such as SEO friendly web design, wage per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, brand awareness creation and many other services.

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